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Welcome to the ReTrac Vehicle Returns System for the NCA

The driving principles behind this system are for every participating company to be enabled to create extra revenue by identifying commercial opportunities that will be created by utilising the ReTrac system within their existing methods of traffic control.
Utopia would be for every outbound vehicle to locate a return-load, we are a world away from that at this stage but both environmental and commercial pressures are going to ensure that we make every effort to reach that goal, so this is the start.....

The Art of Back-Loading - Key points to successful trading in the world of return rates:-

Do make sure that all your distance jobs are entered, using the last point of drop and the estimated time of arrival there. (Vehicles that are partially loaded or have tasks to do on the way are not usually suitable to offer on the ad-hoc market for returns so normally offer vehicles which are clear of commitments.)

Do make sure that the vehicle has communications on board.

Do make sure that the driver will be able to receive what may be a complex instruction (beware of offering agency drivers!)

Do realise that there can be no rules other than BE FLEXIBLE when inter-trading on returns, there can be guidelines but the general idea is to rapidly (within seconds) establish a fair price between both parties, there are going to be times when the parameters just won't fit so just try again next time. (Yes, this is about horse-trading) There has to be a commercial incentive to strike the deal!

Don't be disappointed if your vehicles don't immediately attract offers of return loads. (If you approach the whole concept as a buyer rather than a seller you will have more immediate and profitable success). Increased usage of every company's vehicles will eventually follow if everyone adopts this key principle.

Don't try to charge the "full-whack" on return jobs - remember that your trading partner also has to make a profit - and why should he use your returning vehicle when you have asked more than his sub-contractor would cost to do the job?

Don't try to negotiate Transit rates for a single package return.

Don't expect to be paid waiting time unless it's a client-generated problem.

Don't expect ReTrac to produce all your returns, use it as a tool as well as your existing methods of gaining return business.

Examples of charging:

The scenario for the cheapest return rates would be this situation:
A member's driver has just dropped in your city, you ask him (via his control) to pull up at the nearest land-mark or motorway junction when one of your drivers will feed in an item for delivery to his home city. This should be done for peanuts assuming there is little delay involved. Basically the more complex the job, the higher the price and vice-versa.

THESE ARE GUIDELINES ONLY - there are plenty of other factors such as out of the way mileage, are you being expected to collect direct from their client or are they making it easy for you ?

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