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The NCA was formed as a trading association in 1988 called the NNCC - National Network of Courier Companies. The initial objective was to allow members to inter-trade and provide customers with a national same-day collection and delivery service. Membership at this time although informal, relied heavily upon recommendation and cross-referencing.


In 1989 the NNCC - changed its name to the National Courier Network (NCN). During this year it was realised that there was tremendous potential to provide a high-quality overnight delivery service. A company was formed and retained the name - NCN. This company is now one the leading Overnight service providers in the UK and still retains over 60% of the original (NNCC members).


The National Courier Association (NCA) was formed by approximately 85 courier companies who wished to "Nationalise" their same-day courier activities.


In 1992 a corporate identity was created and the NCA adopted a new image and logo.

1992 - Present

The NCA has evolved beyond all expectation. The Association demands very high standards from it membership; every potential member is carefully vetted and then undergoes a 6-month probationary period. Even when 'Full Membership' status is granted, the Association continuously monitors the member for service and performance throughout its membership.

The NCA adopts a restricted membership policy and has over 110 members covering areas from the Hebrides to Cornwall. Collectively we operate a fleet of 2,500 'Same-Day' couriers, providing customers with an unparalleled nation-wide service.

The NCA has recently decided to accept Associate Members. At present this includes Eire but is actively looking for suitable members in the European Community. The NCA is also keen to hear from any other similar associations from around the globe.

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